Your Green stay at The Swallows B&B

6th November 2014

We had a really positive afternoon at The University of Exeter's Centre for Business and Climate Solutions @ExeterCBCS .

Over a year ago The Swallows was invited to a meeting hosted by Transition Town Exmouth, where Neil Warren talked about his work with CBCS. We signed up and after a visit and a huge amount of number crunching on Neil's part, we received our report, which helped us to further understand the impact of our business on the environment and how we could adapt what we do to reduce this. 

We've implemented lots of suggestions, which ensure that our visitors continue to enjoy and relaxing stay at The Swallows but with an minimum impact on the environment.

Yesterday we were able to meet with Neil, Tim Coles and a number of tourism business owners from the East Devon area to share our experiences and consider the next steps we could all take to ensure we remain sustainable both financially and environmentally.

We'd like to thank Neil Warren for all his hard work and hope the project continues!

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