New Fairtrade signage spells out Exmouth’s important message

26th October 2014

Exmouth is a Fairtrade town. That’s official, nearly five years on from when the town was first awarded Fairtrade status. And it’s been confirmed by new signage that’s recently appeared on three approach roads to Exmouth.

There are reasons why the signs – financed by Exmouth Town Council – have only just gone up. A spokesperson for the Exmouth Fairtrade group explained that it waited for three years until it was ‘pretty sure’ that the status ‘would stick’ and it had recruited more of the town’s shops and cafés to the scheme.

“After renewal of the Fairtrade Town status, it was agreed to put the signs up, and we’re grateful to Exmouth Town Council for funding them,” said Peter Brain, secretary for Exmouth Fairtrade Town steering group.

Exmouth first achieved Fairtrade status in 2010. It was the first Fairtrade town in East Devon. Former Exmouth mayor John Humphreys was a member of the steering group at the time. “Exmouth can be proud of being a Fairtrade town,” he said. “A growing number of our residents and businesses support fair trade. Having the signs displaying this status on the gateways into our town reminds us all and it tells visitors something else positive about us.”

There are now about 600 Fairtrade Towns across the UK. The award is made by the UK Fairtrade Foundation. “Fairtrade means that fairly traded products, bearing the familiar Fairtrade logo, are available in Exmouth, in food stores, shops and catering establishments,” said Mr Brain. “It also means that the town council supports the principle and that several community groups and almost all the churches use Fairtrade products.

“It doesn’t mean that unfairly traded goods have disappeared from our shelves. Nor does it apply to things produced in the UK, such as milk and meat, where there is as much unfair trade as there is in the global banana or coffee markets.

“Look out for the familiar Fairtrade Mark, and do your bit to enable producers and growers to earn themselves a fair price,” said Mr Brain.

Story by Paul Strange

Picture: Margaret Macintosh

Exmouth Journal